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Download the full-text letter here.

Dear DCF Brothers and Sisters,

On July 15, 2015, two Salem County workers were seriously assaulted while trying to affect a removal.  Although we believe that they are okay and will make a full recovery, make no mistake about this: these workers could have been killed. 

We know that you are fiercely devoted to the families that you work with and that no one wants to turn social work and family services into law enforcement - but we must make sure that workers are safe in the field.  PLEASE request law enforcement assistance in any potentially dangerous circumstance including any removal.  A Buddy is not enough.  In this case, the worker had a buddy.  Violent and mentally ill clients are extremely dangerous and even our highly skilled staff cannot possibly de-escalate every situation.  

We know that we cannot rely upon the current Administration to keep us safe.  That is why we asked Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle and Senator Nilsa Cruz Perez to sponsor legislation - Leah's Law -  that would require licensed police officers in the building, proper security features including metal detectors, and police trained in child protective services to accompany workers in removals and any dangerous situation. It allows the caseworker and manger to make an assessment about whether a buddy and/or police are necessary and says the police have to be available within 30 minutes of the request. We will need your help in lobbying for and getting this legislation passed, but in the meantime, we need you to help keep all DCF workers safe by appropriately requesting law enforcement when needed.  If you are not afforded law enforcement assistance when you ask for it, make sure that you let your shop steward know BEFORE you go out in the field so that your steward can contact your Local for assistance.  

Thank you for your attention.  Please be safe. 

In Solidarity,

Hetty Rosenstein

NJ Director                  

Ken McNamara

President, Local 1037                       

Shawn Ludwig    

President, Local 1038                          

Lionel Leach

President, Local 1039



CWA 1038 Picnic!

CWA 1038 is hosting the Union Picnic in Wildwood, NJ!

Click Here for more information and to purchase tickets!


State Worker Bargaining Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you may be aware, the 2011 Contract was originally due to expire 6-30-2015. Many things have happened in the last several months that have led us to think very carefully about negotiations with the Christie Administration. It has been necessary to focus on the pension and the budget because these campaigns will frame our political work, mobilization, member education and bargaining approach. Here is what we can tell you now:

1. The 2011 Contract required that either party notify the other that they want to negotiate a new agreement. The notification must come in the form of a registered letter received no later than February 1, 2015. The Contract says that if the letter is not received, the Contract is extended for a year as is. Neither CWA, AFSCME nor IFPTE sent in a letter. The Governor’s Office of Employee Relations had to send CWA a registered letter received by February 1, 2015 or the Contract would extend. They sent us a registered letter received on February 4, 2015. CWA sent the Governor’s office a letter saying that we reserved the right to say that the Contract was extended for one year. By not notifying us in time, it is our position that the Contract terms are extended.

2. The Administration has not asked for any bargaining days, perhaps because we have reserved this right to extend the Contract, perhaps because they are not interested in negotiations anyway. The Administration has met with some smaller unions for bargaining sessions but discussions have been preliminary so far. There have been no discussions with CWA, (or with AFSCME or IFPTE) and no effort to have discussions with CWA.

3. On June 29, 2015, the Office of Employee Relations emailed us a letter saying that it would not pay increments, clothing allowance, tool allowance or vision benefits past June 30, 2015, citing the expiration of the Contract. CWA has replied to that letter, we are filing a grievance, and we will take what legal action necessary to protect those benefits retroactive to July 1, 2015. The Bargaining Committee, made up of eight Local Presidents, is meeting to discuss these issues and set a consistent approach to bargaining. Our position at this time is as follows:

a. Our main focus in the past several months has been and will remain making sure that we protect our pension and healthcare benefits so that they are not so damaged by Governor Christie that they can't be repaired once he is gone.

b. We expect negotiating a reasonable Contract to be difficult and long. It is in our interests to be patient and negotiate a fair contract rather than accept a bad or concessionary Contract now.

c. It is important, where possible, to coordinate our bargaining approach with other state worker unions which are at the table. All unions received similar notices to stop paying steps and allowances. Those unions will be notifying their members. CWA will coordinate however possible with our brother and sisters so we have a unified approach at the bargaining table.

We are, therefore, asking that you be patient about the progress at the bargaining table.We don't want to become part of the Governor’s broader political agenda and we want to take our time and act with care. We are also being very careful in our communications so that they do not become part of the public dialogue surrounding the Governor’s run for President and so that we do not make our Contract and our issues part of his politics. We hope that you will understand and appreciate that. Over the next several weeks, Locals will communicate carefully with Local Executive Boards, Branch Officers, and Shop Stewards, so that your representatives understand what the Bargaining Committee is planning. As much as possible, we will communicate on phone calls and in meetings. Worksite and membership meetings for state workers will be very important in the coming months. Please try to attend.

We will, very shortly, hold a teletown hall with our members and with the Bargaining Committee so that you can hear as much as possible directly. In order, however, to be sure that only members are on that call, you will have to register to receive the call. If you have already filled out a Rapid Response form and you are receiving the teletown hall call, you do not have to fill out another. If you have not been getting the teletown hall call, you will need to give us your cell and home phone number, so that you receive the call and can get all of the information. You can get on the list to get the call by going to and clicking on “Sign up for updates.” You can also email your information to Antoinette Miles at

Thank you for your patience and your participation in our fight to save the pension and protect middle class jobs. This fight is not over. We are very proud of the role our Union played in seeing to it that the Legislature produced a budget with a full pension payment. Our members were outstanding – making phone calls, coming out to the Rally, and making their presence and power felt. If we keep up the same level of engagement, we will negotiate a Contract agreement we can be proud of.

In Solidarity,

Hetty Rosenstein, NJ Area Director

John Rose, CWA Local 1031

Patrick Kavanagh, CWA Local 1032

Gaye Palmer, CWA Local 1033

Adam Liebtag, CWA Local 1036

Ken McNamara, CWA Local 1037

Shawn Ludwig, CWA Local 1038

Lionel Leach, CWA Local 1039

Carolyn Wade, CWA Local 1040



The July 15th membership meeting has been canceled.


General Membership Meeting

Attend our general membership meeting tonight for updates on the pension fight and more!

When:  June 24, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.
Where: Pennsauken Country Club
             3800 Haddonfield Ave. Pennsauken Twp, NJ



June 22, 2015 • 9:00 AM • CWA Office • 120 South Warren St. • Trenton, NJ 08068


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

By now you probably know that the Supreme Court ruled against us in the pension case. How disgraceful! The Court agrees that the law said exactly what we said it said, and that all parties knew exactly what they were agreeing to and that “Morally (our) arguments are unassailable” but still decided that the Governor does not have to make the payments.


1. Over the next 3 weeks we must make sure that the budget that is passed by the Legislature fully makes the Chapter 78 payment. We need every member to call their Legislators immediately and insist that the money is put in the budget and if the Governor vetoes it out, that they will vote to override that veto. The number to call is 844-325-5396 and you will be patched through to your legislator.

2. Our lawyers are reviewing the decision to determine whether or not we have any means to appeal to the Federal Supreme Court. If we do, we will pursue it.

3. Along with the rest of the New Jersey Labor Movement, we are reviewing our options for a Constitutional Amendment.

4. We are meeting with all of our New Jersey Local Presidents to develop a full and robust mobilization and communications plan.

5. We have a tele-townhall meeting on Thursday at 7 p.m. If we have your phone number, we will call you and you need only pick up the phone. If we don’t, you can call into the meeting at 6:55 p.m. on Thursday by calling 855-269-4484.


In Solidarity,

Shawn Ludwig
CWA Local 1038 President

Hetty Rosenstein
NJ Director

Click here to download our flyer.


Both union endorsed candidates for the PERS Board won their election!


Brothers and Sisters,

We all know how student debt is crushing our younger generation, or anybody looking to further their higher education. Well, there may be some relief if you have a public service job. If you have federal loans you may qualify for loan forgiveness under the PSLF Program.

What is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program? The PSLF Program is intended to encourage individuals to enter and continue to work full-time in public service jobs. Under this program, borrowers may qualify for forgiveness of the remaining balance of their Direct Loans after they have made 120 qualifying payments on those loans while employed full time by certain public service employers.

Click here to visit the government website to take advantage of the program if you qualify!


Great turnout for todays rally for our pension! #fundnjpension

Posted by CWA 1038 on Tuesday, May 12, 2015